Rolex Yacht Master 2 18k Gold Review

The Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master represents the honored relations that extend back to the 1950s between the world of sailing and Rolex. Yachting has a beauty that cannot be blurred by the sport’s harsh conditions. Today, Rolex is the devoted associate of the world’s most prestigious yacht clubs, organizations, and regattas, sharing the highest levels of excellence with the finest spirit of the guardians of yachting.

The Yacht-Master II used the 4160 movements from Rolex, but the movement was modified to the 4161 movements specifically developed for the Yacht-Master II with the launch of the 116680 models in 2013. The case size of all Yacht-Master II watches is 44 mm.

The case is available in steel, ‘Rolesor’ or steel and gold at 44mm in diameter, as well as in either yellow or white gold. With its 44 mm diameter, the Rolex Yacht-Master II wears very wide, and thanks to the angular heave design the brand created for this model. Rolex has you covered with the Yacht-Master II, whether it’s a bold-looking Rolex you’re after or you just like larger timepieces in general.How has the watch been designed?

For the extreme components of sea-faring, the Rolex Yacht-Master was designed and created. The Yacht-Master is distinct with its large hour markers and wide hands as part of Rolex‘s professional oyster collection series of watches, enabling the watch to be extremely readable in the harshest of environmental conditions. The attraction of the Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master is because of its sleek and elegant yet practical exterior, encapsulating the art of function blending and form.

Both Yacht-Master II versions, of metal variations, have a case diameter of 44 mm. Apart from model 116689, which is strictly platinum triplock crown, and a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

At first, it may sound complicated, but Rolex engineers have tried to come up with a user interface that makes it easy to use the complex mechanics and hard to break.

The Yacht-Master II‘s bezel has a unique appearance, which is officially called the Ring Command bezel, can be rotated counterclockwise to access, set, and then lock the programming of the 10-minute countdown chronograph. The bi-directional rotating Ring Command bezel, the three-link Oyster case, and Oysterlock safety clasp, of course, all these features fulfill the purpose of comfortable as well as safe wearing in the water also.Features

There are various features that make the men’s Rolex Yachtmaster II more appealing and attractive :
The skipper (master of the boat or yacht) often uses a regatta timer to decide when their yacht is allowed to cross the starting line.
The Yacht-Master is the biggest case size currently developed by Rolex.
The Yacht-Master has the smartest and boldest features.
Initially, you may find it difficult to use, but with time it will become interesting.

For COSC chronometer tests, Rolex submits every movement.

The functionality of Rolex Yacht master II

The Yacht-Master II is a programmable, flyback regatta timer that allows you to select a one to ten-minute countdown interval; in addition, if you have started the countdown early or late, you can synchronize your watch “on the fly” when you hear the second of the two audible signals usually given at the beginning of a race.

You switch the bezel (Rolex calls it the “Order Bezel”) a quarter to the left to set the countdown timer. This locks the lower Chrono pusher and triggers the triangular red countdown hand setting mechanism. You have to unscrew the first position of the crown and set the hand for the countdown. The setting is one-way, but at 10 minutes, if you continue to turn the crown, the countdown hand will travel back to 1, and you will continue until you hit the desired amount of minutes. A column wheel that passes through the main plate and a vertical clutch is used to create the countdown mechanism.

The system requires the wearer to program in advance of the official countdown time and then activate the timer once the countdown has started, and it is possible to program the machine to count down from 0 to 10 minutes. You can lock and unlock the countdown feature by twisting the bezel by 90 degrees.

Pros of Rolex Yacht master II

  • Its smart features will amuse you
  • The watch has a special feature of regatta timer countdown from 0 to 10
  • It comes with an oyster lock safety clasp
  • The watch has a huge case diameter
  • It’s waterproof.

Cons of Rolex Yacht master ll

  • Users have to handle this watch delicately and carefully
  • Appearance and sound of the watch are quite bigger and louder
  • The watch is too much extroverted and attention-catching
  • Rolex Yachtmaster 2 is too extravagant and fancy for people that like simple and sophisticated things.

Where in US can you find the availability of this Watch?
There are various online shopping platforms like amazon where you can find Rolex yacht master 2 watches for men. It is mostly available online than virtually. The watch has various colors with different kinds of features.

Some Rolex watches are now available with the current trending combination of yellow, steel and Everose gold known as Rolesor. But Rolesium is exclusively created for the Yacht-Master.

The bezel of the Rolesium models is made of 950 platinum, while the case and bracelet are made of solid Oyster steel, providing an unmistakable sense of luxury with a silvery whiteness and vibrant light.


The Yacht-Master II is among the two most complex watches currently produced by Rolex, sharing this prestigious status with the Sky-Dweller. What makes the Yacht-Master II so unique is its programmable countdown flyback regatta chronograph, not just within the Rolex universe, but in the much broader world of fine watches.

The Yacht-Master combines function and design, influenced by the rich heritage that has connected Rolex to the world of sailing since the 1950s, while the Yacht-Master II puts together the finest in Rolex technology to build a regatta chronograph designed for yachting competition. For anything to be a good style exercise, it has one of the most important elements: the courage of its beliefs, and if you think of yourself resolutely as a smaller-than-forty millimeter, tasteful restraint kind of man, get one on your wrist for a shockingly refreshing speed shift, and you can also feel bigger than life.

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